The Texas Booksellers Association is a group of independent booksellers and other book-related businesses in Texas and beyond. We share the common goals of cultivating appreciation of books in the community, maintaining the vitality of the independent book trade and promoting ethical trade practices.

Our association strives to expand our community outreach by providing educational programs through local colleges and interesting articles and resources on our web site. We also provide many additional benefits for our members to help grow their business.

Each October, we sponsor the North Texas Book and Paper show. Dealers, authors, publishers, and book enthusiasts from all over the country attend and help make this the quality show that it has become. This is the only book show in North Texas and we believe it is the best in the State.

We are also the proud sponsor of the Austin Book, Paper and Photo Show held each January.

Austin Book, Paper and Photo Show

Austin Book, Paper, & Photo Show

Friday, January 15, 2016 - Saturday, January 16, 2016

Norris Conference Center
2525 West Anderson Lane
Austin, Texas 78757

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